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Find specific BF-533 memory addresses problem

Question asked by NetAmp on May 14, 2011
Latest reply on May 17, 2011 by gyi
Our development team is trying to VisualA udio in the BF-533 platform,


Development of  audio processor, VisualAudio is a powerful development tool,


Visualaudio generated code into VisualDSP compiled, downloaded to BF533development board, normal operation.


We have two problems


1, the control example: faders, knobs, how to find the matching memory address?


fader 1 ----------------- 0X ????????
fader 2 ----------------- 0X ????????
MatrixMix knobs 1 -------------- 0X ????????
MatrixMix knobs 2 -------------- 0X ????????


2, the above memory address, the default read and write operations through the SPI port?