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ADuC7024 - UART as a receiver (RxD pin)

Question asked by JayRocks on May 12, 2011
Latest reply on May 13, 2011 by PatrickN



I am using the set ADuC7024 MicroConverter Quickstart Development System, Eval – ADUC7024QS-U2.


I need to use the UART to receive digital data from a Transceiver (ADF7023) working as a Receiver (not from a computer).


Surfing on the KEIL code examples, I have found the following functions:


int putchar(int ch)

int getchar (void)

int write (int file, char * ptr, int len)


void senddata(short to_send)


The only thing related to reception of data from UART (RxD) being shown in the examples UARTx.c (let x be 1, 2, 3 or 4), is the following:


                        write(0,output1,13);                             // Output Data

                        jchar = getchar();                                 // RX Data, Single Byte

                        write(0,&jchar,1);                               // Output Rxed Data


In this case, it is only receiving one single character.


But how to program UART if I want to receive a stream of digital data? How to process the incoming stream?


Is there any possibility to program UART in receiving mode in contrast of the function senddata? [void senddata(short to_send)]


Thank you.