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ADAU1702 oscillator start problems

Question asked by ElmarJ on Nov 2, 2015
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I am having problems with the oscillator of my ADAU1702 not startup up. The problem is very comparable to the problem described in this discussion: (only ADAU1702 vs ADAU1701, my risetimes are even shorter).

1701 Oscillator start problem


I have searched the datasheet for risetime spec`s of the power supply, but I cannot find them.


Our system is using a 3v3 buck regulator from 12 .. 20V input, and our host MCU uses a FET to enable this 3v3 rail to the ADAU. Attached you can find the risetimes (ch2) and oscillator out pin of the ADAU. As you can see the oscillator does not startup reliably.









Our board is a 4 layer board with solid groundplane on an inner layer, and also with a supply plane.


What should be the rise times?