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ADV7180/ADV7280 active video output syncs

Question asked by dh29 on Nov 1, 2015
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Newbie video questions....


I am trying to capture composite (CVBS) PAL video with a video frame grabber board that I have. The frame grabber's inputs are:

  • synchronous clock (LLC)
  • active frame
  • active line


I have access to a ADV7180 evaluation board. The ADV7180 accepts CVBS input, but it looks like it can only output a BT.656 format, which I understand contains embedded sync lines. I am not sure if this also explains why there are 'extra' samples per line, and 'extra' lines e.g. for PAL Lines=625 but only 525 lines are ACTIVE video lines; PAL line-length = 1728 clks but only 1440 clks for ACTIVE video.


Is there anyway of configuring the HS and VS lines such that they are only active during the ACTIVE video lines e.g. they are only active during the 720x576 lines?


If not, is there a better device that I could use. On a similar forum question, somebody suggested using the ADV7280, but I cannot find any reference in the ADV7280 datasheet that states that the HS and VS lines can be synced to the ACTIVE video portions.