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ADV7513 TMDS output  signal

Question asked by Yuanguanfu on Oct 31, 2015
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     Now i am used the ADV7513 in my project. I used the scripts to conform the ADV7513. And when i connect the ADV7513 with a cable to one monitor. Then the video and the audio is  OK. But when i disconnect the ADV7513 to one monitor .Then i used the oscillograph to test the TMDS clk and signal . There is no clk or signal . What  i find  is that the ADV7513 need to test the TMDS Clock's TTL voltage.  if it test the clk voltage up to 1.8v .It will output the video signal . My question is that  if  i want to use the ADV7513 without one monitor . That is i want the IC output  video or audio signal with  not connect anything .I want the IC output signal . How can i do it? Is there any register can solve this question. Thankyou for your advice.