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Run fmcomms2 No-OS software (Sockit+RFC ad9361) error

Question asked by dpt_vkt on Oct 31, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by yfw123



When I run no-os software no-OS-2015_R1 sample project on HDL design hdl-hdl_2015_R1 using ARM DS-5 Altera Edition, I got an error message like this:


ad9361_reset: by SPI, this may cause unpredicted behavior!

ad9361_init: Unsupported PRODUCT_ID 0x0 ad9361_init: AD9361 initialization error


In DS-5 project, I set parameters in parameters.h header file as followings:


#define GPIO_DEVICE_ID    0

#define GPIO_RESET_PIN   0

#define SPI_DEVICE_ID       0


Please help me to solve this problem to run program!


Thank you so much!