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About ADuC7061 flash operation

Question asked by adi_aaron Employee on May 11, 2011
Latest reply on May 16, 2011 by MikeL

Hi Guys,

Here I meet a problem on ADuC7061 when testing flash. Pls give me some help.


Eval-ADuC7061MKZ board is used and it's powered by USB. When I set the core clock to 10.24MHz and 5.12MHz by setting CD[2:0] of POWCON0. The operation on flash is very normal. But once setting it blow 2.56MHz(including 2.56MHz), it won’t get the right data(all is 0xFFFF).

My test processing is erase the flash page and write the expected data to it. And then reading the wroten data of flash and sent it to UART.


The attached is my testing code for your information. Would you like give some suggestion on it?  Any input will be appreciated!!