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ADuC847 USB interface

Question asked by abhisheik on May 11, 2011
Latest reply on May 13, 2011 by PatrickN

I am a product designer at a company. For a new product we are using ADuC847 Evaluation Board. The board works mostly as a Data Acquisition Device. Unfortunately the newer computers or laptops does not have a Serial Port as required by this particular Board.

I believe that AD has a board USB-EA-CONVZ for this purpose. I have also tried an external Rs232/USB converter but its not very reliable

I have the following Questions.

1. Is there any Acquisition speed advantage connecting this Board through USB

2. Can I used the inputs/outputs for both the boards

3. Since the cost is high at 75$ ( cost of the ADuC847 Eval Kit itself), is there be a cheaper optionavailable  to equip ADuC847 with a USB.

4. Do i have to modify my firmware to use the second board.

I am sure these are very beginner questions but i hope to get a positive reply.