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AD9613 to FPGA - FMC interface

Question asked by satheeshbv on Oct 31, 2015
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I want to know if there is any interface that can be used to interface AD9613 to VC707 Xilinx FPGA using FMC connections.


I came across high speed ADC-FMC interposer card (EVAL-ADC-FMC-INT). However, in this card there is a logic level translation being performed on SPI signals which gets converted from FPGAs 1.8 V (LVCMOS) to 3.3 V.


Will the AD9613 accept SPI signals at 3.3 V ?  If not, is there any other option which I could use to interface AD9613 withe VC707 ?

Or is there any other ADC (12 bit, 150 MSPS) which can be interfaced with VC707 through FMC ?



Satheesh BV