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how to convert format ?

Question asked by walkercc on May 10, 2011
Latest reply on May 20, 2011 by walkercc

i known db convert formula :
20log10 (x/1) = -40dB      x = 0.01
0.01 * 223 = 83886.08. 
but this formula only use convert single volume control.


my desgin project have many toolbox , i don't know how to get coefficent value.
( have any cookbook for it ? )
for example:
1.superbass xover freq, have 36 byte coefficent.( i known value of intenstv and bass gain is direct value ).
2.dynamic bass boost, high threshold(db) and Time constant
( but this db convert is different from singe volume control ?)
3.dynamic bass boost ratio.
4.Surround Sound Volume Control, i don't know how to convert it to coefficent.