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Video delay in ADV7604

Question asked by HaraldA on May 10, 2011
Latest reply on May 26, 2011 by DaveD



We are trying to use the ADV7604 in auto graphics mode. Doing that we have video image through for all formats, but the positioning is off. We have calculated SAV and EAV positions according to the app notes and also to settings found in other discussions on this forum. Regardless of settings, the active video is positioned wrong. We have then measured the signals in and out of the ADV7604. We have found that the H-Sync to active data in has the same timing difference as the H-Sync to DE on the output.The delay of analog video in to digital data out is aprox. 280 nSec. But the delay for H-Sync in to H-Sync out is aprox. 1940 nSec. This clearly causes video positioning problems. Is there any way to adjust/modify this delay to make them equal? Or could there be some configuration errors (HW or register settings) that causes different delays?

BTW, we see the same positioning problems for all the various VID_STD settings also. Both for video modes and for computer modes (PRIM_MODE 1 and 2).