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AD5064 Communication with DSP

Question asked by Shimon_Otsri on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2015 by Shimon_Otsri

Hi all

i'm using the AD5064 DAC in StandAlone mode connected with a TI DSP through a SPI 3-wire channel.

i'm having problems writing data to the DAC.

the DSP writes data in 10 MHz clock and data is sent from MOSI in falling edge like it was mentioned in the AD5064 datasheet.

i think that the problem is the length of the word. i'm writing to the DAC two words 16 bit each, without changing the status of the SYNC pin. only after the second LSB reached the DAC, i'm pulling the SYNC up to '1', but still it seems that there is no change in the chip output.

i tried to write update and write commands to all 4 DAC's but still it didntt work.

can someone please share with me an example of some code that writes data to the same AD5064 chip?

or can someone give another direction to fix this?


for instance the word that im sending to the DAC is:


so the Vout should be around 1.66v, but it still remains around zero.


Thank you!

Shimon Otsri