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FMCOMMS3 ZedBoard GNURadio run error

Question asked by fpgaNoob on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by fpgaNoob

When executing the sample program cyclic-sine.grc I receive two messages then nothing happens.


I'm getting:

Failed to enable real-time scheduling

Using Volk machine:neon_hardfp


I fixed the real-time scheduling problem by

1) editing /etc/security/limits.conf and adding the line @usrp - rtprio 50

2) creating a usrp group and adding my user to it


So now the only message I get is the neon_hardfp one.


I edited the cyclic_sine.grc design by replacing the output with an QT GUI Time Sink block and changed the Generate Options to QT GUI. This same design works in the given analog SD OS.


After I run it I am now receiving:


Using Volk machine:neon_hardfp

>>> Done


The plot does not appear.