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AD9761 + AD8346

Question asked by pepzaragoza on Oct 30, 2015
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My design is about a SAR system and I want to control the output of the I&Q Modulator (AD8346) using the AD9761. I have done the same schematic as the figure 28 of the AD8346's datasheet and the idea is to control the DAC's with an Arduino Micro.


My question is, does anybody know how to introduce to the AD9761 the data bits? I've found that when all data bits are at Logic 1 IOUTA (or QOUTA) produces a full-scale output current, aprox. 10mA  and IOUTB (or QOUTB) produces a complementary output.


Says anywhere which output is produced by the input code? I haven't find it.

Thanks a lot!!!!