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Sync SPDIF Tx rate to SPDIF Rx rate

Question asked by PhilipJ on Oct 30, 2015
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I am planning a new product to use a SigmaDSP, the majority of the input/output will be analog (8 channel TDM converters). I will also use the SPDIF input as an extra stereo channel and I want to use the SPDIF output as a secondary output.

I can't run the core from the SPDIF input rate as it might not always be active, I will therefore present the SPDIF Rx to the core through an ASRC.

Now my problem, I want the SPDIF Tx active all the time but I want it to run in sync with the SPDIF Rx if it is there so:

how do I setup the SigmaDSP to feed an ASRC from the core and it's output to the SPDIF Tx?

Can I set the ASRC output rate to come from the SPDIF Rx?

What might happen to the Tx rate when I remove the signal from the Rx?


Thanks for any thoughts