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HMC834LP6GE Low output power

Question asked by MartyMcConnell on Oct 29, 2015
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does anyone have any ideas why a HMC834 would have low output power.  @ 2GHz I measure -25.5 dBm at maximum output power. On the eval board I see about -3 dBm.  Spec is 0 - 3 dBm. I'm using a Lecroy active probe to measure on a waveMaster. Temperature shouldn't be high enough to degrade the output power performance that much. Bench testing with a ionizing fan blowing across the circuit card. Same for eval board.  I'm using the same loop filter as the eval board and the PLL locks throughout the frequency range.  I see the typical gain drop across the frequency ranges and changing RF buffer output power works.  From max to min I see -25dBm to -35dBm for a -9 dBm drop.  Would differences in power supply or system noise affect this?


Looking for things to investigate.