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How to fill iiobuffer struct with raw I/Q samples instead of iio_buffer_refill?

Question asked by -2dbc on Oct 29, 2015
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I want to use ADI's osc but ADI's microblaze reference design and libiio's network context speed are not enough for me.

We discussed this issue in my previous post.

I changed your reference design and I can get raw I/Q samples from my ad6676&KC705 setup.

My ethernet speed is increased to 90MB/s from 3MB/s.

I need to plot these samples and need to FFT, spectrum analyzer ...

In summary, I want to use osc but I dont need to libiio's iio_buffer_refill method anymore.

Osc use dev_info->buffer structure everywhere in codes and I dont want to change this.

I think, If I can fill this buffer with my raw I/Q samples, I can use osc with small changings.

I tried to do myself but I  could not solve your buffer structure.

How can I do this?


Thanks in advance.