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Problem with I2C commmunication with ADV7610

Question asked by dan_dan on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by GuenterL

Hello all,


I have an ADV7610 Low Power 165 MHz HDMI receiver, which is connected to an I2C bus. First of all, the device address which should be either 0x98 or 0x9A according to the datasheet/user guide was changed to 0x4C (which is 0x98 shifter one bit to the right). Anyway, I am able know to see the device over I2C bus, but the problem is that value of each register in the device I read is always 0xFF. For instance, the values for the revision registers at addresses 0xEA and 0xEB should be 0x2051 but the values for both registers are always 0xFF. I try to read the register values by more or less standard way to read from a slave on I2C bus which is: writing the address of the register to the slave device address over I2C bus (in this case writing register address i.e. 0xEA to 0x4C (HDMI chip slave address)) and then read a byte from the slave device over I2C which woks for all other devices I have connected to I2C bus.


I am wondering whether there are some steps to make the chip responding correctly over I2C bus, before starting to configure it?


Thanks for your help,