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Low output power level of HMC832 Evaluation Kit

Question asked by AkiraO on Oct 29, 2015
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Could you please support us?

My customer using HMC832 Evaluation Kit and he has a trouble about output power level. When he set output frequency around 2210MHz, output power level is -29.7dBm. And also 2211MHz is -24.5dBm and 2204MHz is -18.9dBm. On the other hand, 1092MHz is -0.85dBm, 2170MHz is -2.66dBm and 2230MHz is -5.87dBm.


The customer using "lmc832_fracfb_Low_I.txt", which is include Evaluation Kit, and just changed OUT Freq Desired on the GUI.


Is the cause of this probrem from hard ware or resister setting?


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