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adc assembly program

Question asked by erwan on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by erwan

I try to use the ADC for aducm360 in assembly langage.

I use uvision4 and jlink debugger to see step by step the values in the memory adress.

For the ADC, the memory adress associated is @40030008 and the reset value is 0x3038C

My problem is when I try to change the value in this memory adress, I write the desired value to enable the ADC and this value is immediately replaced by the reset value.

I wanted to have only AIN0 as a positive input channel to convert this input in a digital value, so I wrote 0xB000F for that, but it's always the same thing, this value is never put at the ADC control register adress.


Is there anyone can help me please?