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ADV7842 Analog MUX

Question asked by wood0201 on May 9, 2011
Latest reply on May 10, 2011 by GuenterL

We must support a non-standard video format which is similar to RGsB but only uses the green signal with the embedded sync.  It is a monochrome signal and we take the data on green and copy it to red and blue giving us the same monochrome video but on a digitized RGB domain.  On previous products we used the AD9984 for digitizing it and had an FPGA on the back-end to grab the digitized green and replicate it for red and blue.  On our new design with the ADV7842 we'd like to eliminate the use of the FPGA but still support this non-standard video format.  It seems like using the analog MUX of the ADV7842 could accomplish this by having AIN1 feed ADC0, ADC1, and ADC2.  However, reading through the ADV7842 user guide it seems impossible to configure the Analog MUX as such, even in the manual mode.  Am I interpreting it correctly that AIN1 can't possibly be connected to ADC1 and ADC2?  Is there some other means of replicating the digital green data across red and blue on the back-end?