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ADF7023 test problem

Question asked by mankyu on May 9, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2011 by SteveH

Hi, I'm using adf 7023


and i'm testing the two devices by linking one computer. This is my specifications



Board 1 and Board 2 are using same settings and i'm using sports mode.


Acutally, what im doing is to give a square wave(by function generator) to board 1 TX pin and to get same signal in board 2 Rx pin.


So, my function generator is connected to board 1 and osiloscope is to board 2.


But the thing is the device is working up to 20k hz frequency, but after that it's not working. I don't know why it's happening


I'm attaching some pictures from my osiloscope and function generator. In the picture, yellow is input, green is output.




at 1khz it's perfectly working





at 20 khz it's working aswell, but it's the maximum value for the device to be worked.




After 20k hz, it's not working. 45k hz is one of examples.


This picture below is my function generator setting.


Photo maj 09, 4 17 23 e.m..jpg


I tested it for a few days, but giving same results.


Please give me some good advices.


Thanks in advance.