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AD9361 receive chain maximum SNR/SFDR

Question asked by mike.ericson on Oct 28, 2015
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What AD9361 receive chain settings yield the maximum SNR and SFDR without using any of the on-chip RX FIR filters?


I have experimented with the FMCOMMS3-EBZ board and I'm able to achieve 60+ dBc ACPR using a 5 MHz wideband signal without using any of the on-chip TX FIR filters when looking at the AD9361 transmitter output on a signal analyzer.  However, when I loop this signal back to the AD9361 receiver input, I can't get the ACPR to be any better than the high 40's without using one of the on-chip RX FIR filters.


I've tried lots of combinations of automatic gain control, manual gain control, external amplification, and external attenuation, but, unless I use one of the on-chip RX FIR filters, I can't receive a signal of the same quality that I can transmit without using any on-chip TX FIR filters.


Is this expected?