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Using MATLAB to communicate with the HSC-ADC-EVALEZ and AD9625

Question asked by DJK on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by JudyChui

I'm trying to pull data from the AD9625 using the HSC-ADC-EVALEZ via MATLAB (file attached).  Visual Analog works fine.


Using MATLAB, I seem to be able to get the FPGA to program from the .mcs file, but I just get garbage data (random 16-bit values).  I suppose that I am not programming the FIFO correctly although even when I left the SPI programming steps for the FIFO in from the other MATLAB code posted, it still didn't work.


Has anyone used the AD9625 with Matlab?  What are the correct register configuration for the FIFO in this case, or am I missing something else?