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EVAL-ADV7842-7511 Questions (Laserdiscs!)

Question asked by acuozzo on Oct 27, 2015
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I'm using the EVAL-ADV7842-7511 primarily for its excellent 3D comb filter as part of a non-profit Laserdisc archival project.


I have a few questions.


  1. Do I need to execute a power down sequence or can I just pull the plug? If I just pull the plug, then will I harm the board in any way? I've been pulling the plug so far and it has been working fine, but I don't want to do long-term damage to the board.
  2. I noticed while mounting the board on standoffs that it had a bit of bow/twist. I had to bend the bottom-left standoff a bit in order to get the screw in. Is this OK? Does bow/twist have any impact on the long-term health of the board?
  3. Which registers do I need to modify in order to re-position the captured image within the output frame? I verified that the Video Essentials laserdisc has more than this in its active picture area with another A->D device. It seems like the current values have the image cropped a bit and placed in the upper right of the 720x486 frame.eyRabWU.png
  4. Does the dering function correct gibbs phenomenon (ringing/ghosting) artifacts? I can't get it to do much for my Pioneer LD-V8000 laserdisc player, even at the maximum setting. This is not a capture from my unit, but it's a pretty good representation of what it looks like (hint: look to the right of sharp edge transitions):xLR1vNz.png
  5. Just making sure: The ADV7511 only does deep color for 4:4:4, right?