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Question asked by LA6NCA on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by LA6NCA

Hello everyone.

I work with a delay amplifier.

Uses an ADAU1701 with analog input and analog output.

I have connected a digital output back to a digital input .:

  MP7 (sdata-out-1) to input MP0 (sdata-in-0)

  MP10 (LRclk-out) to MP4 (LRclk-in).

  MP11 (Bclk-out) for MP5 (Bclk-in).

In sigma studio I get sound only on one channel at output DIG2.

I thought that the second channel would be at DIG3.

It is difficult to understand the relationship between MP7 (sdata-out) on ADAU1701
and outputs DIG0 - DIG8 in Sigma Studio.

How can I get out both channels on MP7 (sdata-out-1)?



My test setup.



When I press the LR buttons LRclk can I choose between DIG-input 2 and 3.

It shows that there is only sound on one channel.