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Lose of Lock mode in PLL ADF5355

Question asked by SaT on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by andreastan

I want to use ADF5355 for the generation of single frequency. I came across this LOSE OF LOCK mode, the data sheet says that the reference source can be be removed in this source after attaining the lock. This mode can be activated using the DB7 bit of R7. Is this possible so? if so then it will be much helpful to use this in the vibrating conditions because it will reduce the spurious, generating because of the reference source.

The auto calibration time taken by the VCO selection is quite large according to the ADISim Simulation I want to reduce that and want to use manual calibration. Please help with that because simply clearing of the Autocal(DB21) bit of R0 will not solve the purpose.

Thank you.