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Combining multiple opamps

Question asked by BP2015-MDC on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by KJBob

Dear Support, Designers,


I am not so familiar with Opamps, but I would like to combine the following circuits with each other. and would greatly appreciate the help I can get in designing this. I have red some theories about opamps, books like opamps for everyone, simulated with Qucs and I aint getting the results I expected using the program, I tried configurations with Differential and selfbuild Operational amplifiers but to no avail, you are probably familiar with this.



What I do know is that the input and the output are connected to a 50 Ohm BNC cable.

0.15V TTL input unipolar and like to amplify it towards 5V with an Potentiometer, and should have a variable bias also connected with a potentiometer.



AC to DC Adapter 12V 400mA

LTC3265 Voltage Pump for stable 15+-V

Low pass filter 2 order, Voltage follower, Differential Amplifier.

3x TLV074 for the opamps




Does the configuration of the opamps need to be all inverted due to negative feedback?

What is the best configuration for the opamps circuits (voltage follower,noninverting filter,inverting amplification)?

what do I need to keep in mind? as in where to start with, and the steps to follow?

is there a general rule for configurations like this?

as a last thought, is it advisable to place extra ELKO's between the 15+- to common? to prevent disturbances from common mode?


sincerely yours