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AD7192 Register Access on ADA2200 Eval, CN0371 Eval, AD7192 Eval

Question asked by danngai on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by Brandon

Hello All,


We have been trying to test the ADA2200 in conjunction with the AD7192 in the CN0371 LVDT Signal Conditioning Circuit reference design.  This circuit is exactly what we'd like to replicate. 


In this process of evaluating the CN0371 design,  however,  we have good PC/Software access to the registers of the ADA2200, but extremely limited [nearly no]  access to the AD7192.





          1.  Is there any software updates or modules to the CN0371 software that allow access to the AD7192 internal registers?

          2.  We have looked at several hardware/software/eval board combinations to try to test the ADA2200 and AD7142 via the Ace                Software tool.  Is there a board combination that will do this?   We have looked at ADA2200SDP-EVALZ,                           

               EVAL-CN0371-SDPZ, AD719X-EBZ , AD7192-EVALZ and are trying to find that board combination that will allow us to                test/control both devices.   Have we missed something?  Is there a software package or board combination that we've missed? 


Thank you!