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How to terminate an unused input in SigmaStudio schematic

Question asked by manuelkw on Oct 25, 2015
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I am working in designing a schematic in Sigmastudio based on ADAU1761. There are some components needing several inputs for working, however, if we are just using part of its functions, then some inputs are not used actually in the real application. We cannot leave them open as it will become error but we cannot know how to connect them or terminate them in a proper way.


One practical example is that we are using a Combo Peak/RMS Compressor (from Dynamic Processor->Combo : RMS + peak --> Mono --> PeakRMSCombo(no gain)). There is an input pin at the left side (Ext Detect), but in our application, we do not use it. When we leave it opened, it cannot compile successfully. We do not know what parts/components should be connected to it.


Please help.


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