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adis 16364 gyro read problem

Question asked by junzifei on Oct 24, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by NevadaMark


i have an adis 16364 imu.when i write 0x3E00. i read

C7 CF 9F FF 9F FF 9F FF 9F FF 8B E8 82 E1 82 EC 82 F0 83 27 8F FF

C7 C7 9F FF 9F FF 9F FF 9F FF 8A 52 82 F8 82 E3 82 E7 83 1D 8F FF

C7 CC 9F FF 9F FF 9F FF 9F FF 8B D4 82 DA 82 EF 82 F3 83 2B 8F FF


supply_out seems  right,but the values  XGYRO_OUT YGYRO_OUT ZGYRO_OUT XACCL_OUT are always 9F FF. even though i move the imu ,  the numbers don't change, i don't know why,and how to slove the problem.