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ADAU1451 - memory load verification

Question asked by genp on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2015 by mmmike

I am working on a project with ADAU1451 and need to verify if program and parameter memory are loaded correctly.

Interface is SPI, speed is 2.625 MHz, mode 3.

I am trying to read the memories after writing and compare against the memory data arrays from the file, exported by Sigma.

Since the program memory can't be read when the core is running, the verification is attempted right after writing, in a default_load routine (again following to the procedure in the exported file).


When I verify, I get verification (compare) errors, seemingly at random addresses. It happens in both program and parameter memory.

I tried to program and verify on a word (4 bytes) by word basis, have the same problems.

I worked with 1442 and 1701 before, and never encountered this problem (though the microcontroller is also different, Cortex M4 now, M3 before, but I don't see any difference on SPI side). I can't figure out, if this is a writing or reading problem.

I tried to write and read separate parameters (gain for a mixer cell), works fine.


Any idea on what may be a problem ? Please advice.