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HDMI via I2C for KC705

Question asked by fpegios on Oct 24, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2015 by CsomI

Hello everyone,


I am using a KC705 Kintex Board. I want to use the HDMI only with FPGA without using processor. I know that I have to write to ADV7511 through I2C. I have some code for a sample screen with all the outputs to ADV7511 apart from I2C signals.(IIC_MUX_RESET_B, IIC_SCL_MAIN, IIC_SDA_MAIN).


I know that I2C is a protocol in order to ask for permission and have access to some peripheral devices of the Board. According to the KC705 user guide, IIC_MUX_RESET_B is active on low, so I have to drive it high to enable I2C bus transactions between the FPGA U1 and the other components on the I2C bus. So I put that code: IIC_MUX_RESET_B <= '1';

Manual also says that:


"The U49 bus switch at I2C address 0x74/0b01110100 must be addressed and configured to select the desired target back-side device.  User applications that communicate with devices on one of the downstream I2C buses
must first set up a path to the desired bus through the U49 bus switch at I2C address 0x74/



original (1).png

My problem is that because I haven't ever used I2C bus, I do not know how to drive them with these addresses. I know I have to use these two addresses between START and STOP: 0b01110100, 0b0111001.


Does anyone know how the i2c command will be?


I would appreciate any response. I am facing that problem for showing a sample output on screen on this board without processor 3 weeks.


Thanks in advance!