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HDMI signal from ADV7511KSTZ on a custom board - identification problem

Question asked by Stand on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by mattp

Hello all,

I'm working on a custum board - where the input of  AD7511KSTZ comes from an FPGA- (So... I have   FPGA->ADV7511-> HDMI connector)

One of the possible  HDMI output signal that the bord must "provide"  is (as example)  1920x1080i60 (24 bit - 444 - separate sync)

The FPGA/ADV7511 are initialized as recommended - to verify this I connected the HDMI output of my board to an Astro HDMI analyzer and everything worked fine (so...the Timing/AVI infoframe was recognized correctly with no errors).

I must be able to register the HDMI output of my board - so I connected it to a video system recorder (provided by my client .. it is a AJA Ki Pro Mini) - but-- the recorder (that can actually accept that resolution).. was not able to identify the signal (it timing but.. I checked... from the board side - the HPD was high.. and the AVD7511 was able to identify the signal termination).

To debug the problem - I put a splitter at the output of my board (so... the first output of the splitter -> Recorder, the second output -> ASTRO)....

at this point ( ???? )... the Recorder.. began working...

Basically , at the input stage of the splitter (I checked).. there is a "Digital video Equalizer- like MAX3815"...

so... what's the matter?

- signal integrity problems ??

- wrong ADV7511 register setting ? (don't think so...)

- wrong setup / hold times for 24-bit Video data stream ? ( don't think... ADV7511 is 'just a parallel to serial converter')

last clue... I checked the "eye" at the receiver side .... with/without splitter...see the pics attached...(Length of connection cables does't matter.)

do you have any comments ? Any help/suggestion is appreciated.

thank you so much