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ADuM5201 start up problem

Question asked by GenoMicha on Oct 23, 2015
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I am using a Adum 5201 for a Signal isolation. I have problems with the start up of the V_Iso output voltage. Sometimes the circuit is wirking fine, but, if i switch of the +5V supply and turn it on again within 4 seconds, the generation of the V_Iso voltage is not been generated. To get the device working, I have to wait for more than 4 seconds, before re- power the device.

I am working with a stabilized power unit at my desk, so there is a very clean environment for the circuit. I already removed the input circuit, without any change. Changing the V_Iso capacitors also doesen't make any difference of the behaviour.


Maybe anyone has a idea, how to solve this.


Regards, Micha