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Voltage drop observed on AVDD pin of ADV7441ABSTZ-170

Question asked by NanjundaM on Oct 22, 2015
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I have some doubt, If anybody know the reason/solution please let me know.


In my design I have used ADV7441ABSTZ-170, video IC for VGA and DVI inputs.

I have given 1.8V common source supply for PVDD, AVDD and CVDD supply pins of the IC as per datasheet.

I have just powered on the IC and no input or no configuration things are set yet.

Now, when I probe across the capacitors(other end are connected to ground) related to these I found below readings:

Supply - 1.803V

PVDD - 1.801V

CVDD - 1.800V

AVDD - 1.756V


Now, my question is,

Is there any particular reason for this small drop in voltage at AVDD pins of the IC ??

(Note that, I have used ferrite beads for separation of each voltages from 1.8V and other 3.3V voltages are good)


Please let me know ASAP.


Thanks in advance,

Nanjunda M