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ADV7619 to 2ch LVDS

Question asked by RobertOl on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by GuenterL

Hey all


I currently have a big problem on my desk. I have to make a custom board with a HDMI to LVDS converter.

I began with a combination of TFP403 and DS90C387A, but it won't work with all HDMI sources we want to use.

So I used a RTD2660 scaler which needs firmware on a flash IC, the compiled firmware I got when I bought a programmer on eBay.

It doesn't have any problem at all, no matter what HDMI source we use, but the RTD solution is buggy. After a power cycle it might jump to another video source (AV2 in this case). The custom board has no buttons to switch the video source and therefore our customers will have troubles whenever the RTD decides to switch the video source back to AV2. There's no source code for RTD which would help making a custom firmware.


All I need is a HDMI to LVDS converter that runs with every HDMI source I connect.

For example, the TFP/DS90 solution works with Raspberry Pi and Odroid, if they are set to DVI mode. But if I connect a video player that uses a Rockchip SoC, this solution won't work. Either the picture is painted pink or the picture disappears on the LCD panel, maybe even showing colored stripes.


It looks like AD has no single-chip solution for a HDMI-LVDS converter, so my questions are:


We don't need/want HDCP protection, the LCD panels we want to use (AUO M270HVN02.1) have a 2ch LVDS connector for odd and even lines (4 data line pairs, 1 clock line pair for each channel) and 8 bit.


  • Is it possible to use the ADV7619 in combination with DS90C387A? (or is there a better solution?)
  • Will the ADV7619 work with every source and not result in pink inked or blank pictures on the LCD panel?
  • How do I control/set up the ADV7619? I've read that it's needed to send around 300 I2C commands to make it work. Is there any script I can EASILY use?


My problem is, I'm very new to controlling devices via I2C. I've used Arduino scripts before to read out sensors, but I've always used existing sketches for this. I've tought myself coding, usually learn more and more things if I need them, so my knowledge is very basic

If the ADV7619 solution is the one to use, I would like to use the Arduino IDE to code the init script for the ADV7619.

It probably is just sending I2C commands?


Big thanks for any information and help finding a solution!


With best regards,