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EZ-KIT BF527 Init Code from the scratch

Question asked by Alexander on May 6, 2011
Latest reply on May 11, 2011 by Andreas


I'm trying to write my own init code routine for an EZ-KIT BF527 application, which would be as simple as possible. I'm going to use it in an university lab for illustrative purposes, and the source codes provided with VisualDSP++  can be too confusing for an inexperienced student. So i'd prefer to have something more simple like the init codes supplied with VisualDSP++ 4.5 for BF-533 EZ-KIT.
The application will be loaded from the external parallel Flash and use SDRAM.  So far i have found that at minimum i have to do the following:

1) initialize PLL_CTL and PLL_DIV to change the default values of CCLK and SCLK rates and

2) set up SDC.

What i am in doubt of is whether i need to

1) change VR settings,

2) use interrupt wakeup registers,

3) add anything else.