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sound: ASoC: ssm2602 : DAC and ADC power up calls

Question asked by flatmax on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by larsc

Hi there,


I have been trying to get your SSM2604 chip working ... both in master and slave mode ... but have had no success.

I am using the linux ssm2602.c driver.


With the SSM2604 in slave mode. I can verify that I get a good I2C command init. sound: ASoC: ssm2602 0-001a: Failed to issue reset: -6

I can verify that my MCLK and LR_CLK lines are good. I can also see my serial data out line generating bit data just fine. The I2S lines are working however I see no analog output.


I have look further into the ssm2602.c driver and I notice that there aren't any power up calls to the DAC. When I look at the data sheet - it notes that they are default in power down.


Are these bits perhaps set in the ".dapm_routes = ssm260x_routes,"  ?

Or do these power ups need to be put in place ?

Is there a sequence of registers which should be written, but perhaps aren't ?


In master mode, I can't seem to get the system to generate clocks ... I have a 12MHz crystal attached as expected. See here sound: ASoC: ssm2602 : master clock