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2014_r2 migration to 2015_r1 or current dev

Question asked by Yorgos on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by rejeesh


   I already have a working design with the 2014_r2, mainly because by that time 2015_r1 was still under a lot of changes. Someone else asked for a change-log a few months ago(end of May) between 2014_r2 and 2015_r1 and the answer was that it will be pushed as a TODO work.

   Is there such documentation yet? Is there a date for the current dev to change to stable?

   I am asking mainly because I don't know if there is any new functionality introduced for each ip core in the library, thus I don't know if the migration to a newer branch and platform(vivado 2014.2 to 2014.4 or even 2015.1) will give any benefits.


Thank you in advance,