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RGBHV IN to 24 bit RGB OUT

Question asked by VoltsnBolts on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by GuenterL

Hey guys could use some help setting up the ADV7401 for my application.  I am taking an RGBHV input video stream (720x480) and converting it to drive a TFT LCD display (TM070RDH10).  There aren't any reference scripts for this application and after going through all of the registers manually in the datasheet I am pretty overwhelmed .  I am using a host processor to setup the ADV and I have established valid communications and am able to set and read registers.  Are there any resources that could help me get the system up and running sooner?


Extra there a sample script for just running free run mode constantly so I can test my hardware output without worrying about an input signal?


Thanks for the help guys,