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ADRF6755 LOMON output

Question asked by sss on Oct 20, 2015
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About the "controls the LO monitor outputs" and the "LO output circuits" at the ADRF6755,

in the datasheet 37 page @ ADRF6755,

" If not used, these outputs should be tied to REGOUT."

and 29 page,

"Register CR27, Bit 2. Controls the LO monitor outputs, LOMON and /LOMON.

The default is 0 when the monitor outputs are powered down. "



If it does not used LO monitor outputs, only setting the power down bit 0 is imperfect ?

and need to be tied to REGOUT ?

Monitor power down is open-collector outputs?



If controlled the LO monitor outputs on/off, it is necessary the all parts in the recommended circuits ?

In the datasheet 39 page @ ADRF6755, LOMON to +3N_INT, L1, L3/R60, R44.



LOMON single-end output is available?



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