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HMC6450 Transceiver

Question asked by jroger14 on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by Mark_D

Hello. I have a HMC6450 60 GHz transceiver kit. I need to some technical information on this product. The user manual states that...


"The evaluation kit contains two daughtercards with surface mounted Antenna-in-package 60GHz Transceiver parts. The daughtercards differ only in the orientation of the parts on the board. When operated together as a pair the links will be co-polarized for full bi-directional operation. The daughtercard assembly drawings are shown in Figures 21, and 22, while the associated bill of materials can be found in Table 5."


I turned on the transmit and receive on a single board. The transmitted signal appears to be fully leaking through to the receiver. I thought the transmitter and receiver were linearly polarized in perpendicular directions? Is there any way to reduce the leakage? John