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uC programming a Sigma DSP

Question asked by munoz0raul on May 5, 2011
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I'm work in a project that I need to create a code for a TEXAS DSP (TMS320F28335)  that this code will make a sigma boot.


For start to do it the first thing that I did is read the pdf  "SigmaStudio Basic uC Integration Tutorial.pdf"


After read it I did the same program at Sigma Studio Like This.




This work fine....I can program My sigma and listen the beep!.


To understand the I2C communication I plugged My Oscilloscope at pin 1 SCL and pin 2 SDA and I click at box mute in Sigma Studio and I saw this!



I know that is so beautiful..


Now I saw what I need to do with My uC to make a mute in my sigma.


and I try to create the same waveform, and I did some thing similar!


My waveforme without plug at sigma!


At this picture you can see that I dont have the ACK because I did plugged the SCl and the SCL!


Now I thought the is the time to plug the uC at the sigma and I tried to did it!


At First point I write my program at EPROM and now I don't need the SigmaStudio to listen the beep, I just need to change the S5 to EPROM and turned on the Sigmakit (EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ).


After I did it I plugged the SDA and the SCL at J8 connector at pin 1 and 3 and I did my uC write the 0x68 at sigma!


But I dont have the ack again!!!


My question is:


Is correct to plug my SDA and SCL at J8 and the switch S5 for the EPROM side?


Do you know If I need to plug another wire At the J8?


Is possible Do it, make the boot with the EPROM and after try to write a address by I2C to change some parameter?


Do you know if I was missing something?


Thanks For all


and sorry about my English!

2011-05-05 11.06.15.jpg


2011-05-05 11.06.41.jpg