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Flash Programmer

Question asked by Hfuhrhurr on May 5, 2011
Latest reply on May 6, 2011 by CraigG

Hi all,


I modified the flash programmer driver adi_m25p20 to fit the m25p80 and the ADSP21261.

I have a custom board with this flash and the processor.

I also modified the STMicro SPI Flash Programmer (ASM) example to fit this processor.


I can now execute the example software and upload a file which doesn't give any errors.

Also, I can use the flash programmer with my driver, it identifies the flash correctly and I can perform commands like erasing or filling the flash.


When I erase the flash and fill, e.g. the first 64 bytes with a value and then try to save the contents of the flash (by map, first sector selected), I assume that I should see my 64 values and the rest set to zero, right?


Unfortunately, I don't see that which let's me think that there's something wrong with the flash or with the connection to it.

But if so, then, shouldn't the example and the flash programmers give me errors? They don't.


Any help?


Best regards,