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[ADXL346] Z-Axis Offset Spec

Question asked by on Oct 19, 2015
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This is AVNET FAE Kris,

My customer use ADXL346 and there is one issue,  Z-axis offset over spec, failed rate ~10%

The failed parts's Z-axis offset almost locate at -250~-150mg


As I know ADXL345 & 346 is similar part but different in operation voltage.

I had checked ADXL346 datasheet and compared to ADXL345.

0g Offset,

ADXL346 Z-axis : +-150mg

ADXL345 Z-axis : +-250mg


We need to check this issue quickly because there are over 10K pieces in production line and ~900 pieces Z-axis offset is over +-150mg.