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ADV7441A no HDMI Audio Output

Question asked by gelke on May 3, 2011
Latest reply on May 13, 2011 by mattp


We are using the ADV7441A as the front end of an HDMI receiver.

The ADV 7441A does not deliver any audio output, after power up and initialization.

Only after pluging the HDMI cable in and out, audio is delivered.


Our Power Up initialization routine is as follows:

1.) Connect an AV source to the HDMI input

2.) Power up ADV7441A

3.) Hardware Reset of ADV7441A

4.) HPD is set to inactive

5.) ADV7441 Software Reset

6.) Init ADV7441A, set Prim_mode to "0110" (HDMI)

7.) HPD is set to active

8.) Wait for Interrupts

9.) Video Interrupt comes, but no Audio interrupt

10.) When we Check the HDMI Mode Raw bit, it reports that a DVI source is detected, however I expect that a HDMI source is detected

11.) Only after plugging in and out the HDMI cable, the audio interrupt is coming and HDMI Mode Raw bit is set to HDMI.


Do you have an idea what we forgot or did wrong?




Thomas S.