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ADP5052 power derating question

Question asked by IAstartov on Oct 18, 2015
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Dear Engineering Zone!


I have a question regarding power derating of the ADP5052.


In the datasheet there is no information about this matter. Also I tried to explore the behavior of the ADP5052 through the ADP505x_BuckDesigner tool. If I begin to increase the ambient temp step by step, at some point ADP5052 hits thermal shutdown threshold, but the tool says that it still provides needed current below that threshold.


It seems confusing for me, since most of the power regulators I dealt with always had some graph with thermal current derating on it. So it seemed for me that at some point these regulators still will be operational, though with lower power on the output.


Is it true that ADP5052 has no power derating in some range of ambient temperatures (for specific load, duty cycle and etc.), outside of which it simply shuts down due to the overheating? What actually makes this regulator different from others?


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