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ADV7441A in HDMI mode

Question asked by M.Brossard on May 3, 2011
Latest reply on May 16, 2011 by DaveD

Hello, I would like to use the ADV7441A in HDMI mode. The system input is a graphic card output of a computer, on a HDMI connector, XGA format  (1024x768, 60Hz). Yet, I've already programmed these registers :


-   Disable TOD :

0x42  0x03  0x14

- Input format selection :

PRIM_MODE : 0x42  0x05  0x06

VID_STD : 0x42  0x06  0x0C

- Activation of LLC :

0x42  0x1D  0x40

- Output format selection :

DDR_EN and DDR_2X_CLOCK : 0x42  0xC9  0x04

CPOP_SEL : 0x42  0x6B  0xFC

- Progressive mode :
0x42  0x91  0x10


The problem is that I get absolutely nothing, not even the synchronization signals. If you could help me, thank you.


Edit :

I realized it was just the PRIM_MODE register which distorts all other signals, as soon as I configured it to work in the HDMI mode (PRIM_MODE = 100, 101 or 110), with the ADV7441A. Is someone can explain to me ?