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HDMI license, HDCP keys, EDID, 5V Supply

Question asked by vito on May 4, 2011

>> Do cusomers need a HDMI license to use ADV7623?

- Customer needs HDMI license to use this part


>> HDCP keys: How do they incorporate the keys they get once they become HDCP adopters? I believe we ship them parts with factory programmed keys, so they don’t need to worry about this aspect. Is that correct?

- Parts have already programmed keys in OTP memory, so there is no action required from customers


>> EDID: Do they need to use an EEPROM to store EDID information? They would like to eliminate the EEPROM and save some cost, if possible.

Yes, ADV7623 comes with internal EDID. Part has to be powered up and programmed after power up to allow for internal EDID functionality


>> Does the 5V supply in the reference schematics (used in the HPD section) have to be regulated? Currently they have a 5V DC wall adapter powering up their boards. Can they use this supply directly? Or do you recommend using a higher voltage (e.g. 7.5V) DC adapter and then using a 5V LDO on the board?

We generally suggest using LDO to ensure compliance with HDMI Spec. 1.4 (Chapter 4.2.7 - 5V Power Supply)


>> Currently in their system, they use the clock output from the SPDIF receiver as the master clock for all the audio devices on the board (i.e. DSP, audio codec). They would like to know if they can use the clock out from the ADV7623 instead.

MCLK from ADV7623 will be associated with SPDIF stream (will vary on frequency sampling), therefore it can be used to clock audio data from 7623.


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